Nov 28, 2012

BASKET CAR MADE IN IBADAN (Crazy Creativity at its' peak)

At least Naija sef don dey Assemble car be that na... Basket oo, Iron oo.. That one no concern anybody.

Infact, Akpors can now afford a car... Nntoooorrr (Tongue out) Hehehehe

But come to think of it, this creativity is crazy... Simply wow.

Nov 25, 2012


What is this fruit called in your NATIVE LANGUAGE?


I usually don't like it when Hon. Obahiagbon gets angry... I get HEADACHE... LMAO

Patrick Obahiagbon On Nigerian Pastors And Private Jets

I cast my vote for Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah and Pastor Tunde Bakare in their demosthenic vitriol
against spiritual megalomaniacs whose modus vivendi has become increasingly byzantine and repulsively narcissistic.

We must all begin to deprecate this razzmatazz and Nestorian braggadocio in the "HOUSE OF GOD" because when there is no difference between the values of a Pastor and a typical Nigerian Politician, then it's truly a bolekaja ambience.....

Wetin the guy talk abeg?


Wrongest people to ask questions.

Mr & Mrs Apororo were arguing on who is d most Coward & Scared between them.

After a long argument, they decided to ask their 2 kids (Ambali & Akpors) who they think was d most Coward &
Scared between them.

The first Kid (Ambali) says:

"Dad is d most coward 'cos he's scared of women: Whenever he sees a beautiful lady in town; He closes one eye (i.e winks at d lady)"

Wife realizing d meaning was very angry with her husband.

The Second kid (Akpors) goes:

"That's nothing. Mummy is so scared to sleep alone when dad works night shift. Mummy sleeps with d man next door; sometimes she invites d gardener or uncle Kingleys to sleep with her. Sometimes uncle Mayowa d youth corper, after leaving ur room even escort her to the bathroom & bath with her just bcos she's scared."