Apr 18, 2013


We can't deny the fact that as kids, wetin concern us with lyrics?...lol. We sang nonsense!!! As far as we get the nearest word for the sound made in the song/poem, we're good to go. No be so?

Which can u remember? bring them on! I bet everyone had different versions of lyrics... LOL

~ "Hip, mother hip.. Mother hipopo..
Pio pio mother hipopo and tm tm mother hipopotamous..!!!..."

~ "Praise the lord, osingo osingo.... praise d Lord..."

~ "Jangilova epo motor..."

~ "Our faaather! look at in heaven, adaobi thy name!!!..."

~ "Twinkle twinkle little star, uuuur urur ur yoh yoh
hmm yoh little ..
Like ur father in the pot..."


~ "Arise o com pa shon, Nigeria skol obe..."

~ "Two black birds sitting on the wall... Nwannem Peter nwannem paul..."

~ "Sandalili sandalili..."

~ "Ringa ringa rosy a .....(incoherent balbbings) i tish you i tish you
we all fall down"

~ "O when they say, o marching in, O when they say o marching in. O Lord, my God I want to be in d number, O when they say O marching in..."

~ "tusa tusa our march, one nature band in freedom, peace and unity"

~ "Whereva u go...gogogongo!
Whereva uv bn...sisieko!
Do not say yess when u mean to say no...baba ibadan!..."