Jul 10, 2014


The commentator must be a comedian... He kept dropping hilarious and wicked comments through out the entire match....just a few, add yours.

1..I have never seen a goal less celebrated in my life.

2. The Brazilians can't wait to return to the dressing room which will be their sanctuary for now.

3. This is the kind of score line that can make grey hair turn white.

4. Brazil used up all its energy singing the national anthem.

5. "Brazil's goal makes the scoreline more astonishing"

6. "Dante has just collected a yellow card to complete his day".

7. "The referee is considering not giving any extra time, to save Brazil from further humiliation
8. "I can't remember the last time the Brazilians had a shot on target " (he said that in the first half).

9. 20mins into the 2nd half, he said "Brazil has not conceded a world cup goal since 39mins ago"

10. "Germany are getting goals and the Brazilians are getting confused."

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